Frequently Asked Questions

What are magnet grants?

  • Magnet grants are highly competitive national grants funded through the United States Department of Education. They are designed to create new and transformative whole-school programs and offer equitable school choice to families.

What is a Magnet School?

  • Magnet Schools are public schools of choice. They are part of the NYCDOE public school system. Magnet Schools offer specialized curriculum aligned to the school’s theme with student activities designed to promote academic excellence. A Magnet education offers challenging, interdisciplinary, academic experiences designed to engage, inspire, and motivate students to achieve. A Magnet School educates the whole child by using techniques to develop critical thinking skills, collaboration, and leadership. School trips, hi-tech resources, theme-based partnerships, and arts-in-residency programs enrich student academic experiences. Students are prepared academically as leaders and have many opportunities to explore college and careers paths for the future.

What makes a Magnet Education unique?

  • In addition to being New York City public schools of choice,  Magnet Schools receive additional funding from the federal government to implement a theme, design innovative curriculum and increase family participation. Academic experiences are enriched by school trips, additional supplies, partnerships, and arts-in-residency programs. Magnet Schools offer challenging interdisciplinary academic experiences designed to engage, inspire and motivate students to achieve. 
  • New York City Magnet Schools are part of a select national network of magnet schools providing rigorous, themed programs designed to challenge all learners, build community and support families.  Families with students interested in specific topics, themes or styles of education can apply to a magnet school during the application period for placement in the following school year.  Survey indicate that students who are actively engaged academically with authentic experiences tend to enjoy school, retain skills learned and are empowered to explore and explain.

How do I apply to a magnet school? How are students selected?

  • Magnet schools follow the NYCDOE enrollment processes for 3K, Pre-Kindergarten, Kindergarten and Middle School Choice. Please follow the links listed below for more information. The Magnet School Application period typically begins in October and continues until February for placement the following September.
  • Students entering first through fifth grade ,  or seventh through eighth grade can fill out a Magnet application available on this website, at each Magnet School, or by calling 718-759-4977. Throughout the application period, Magnet Schools will have open houses, tours, and events to showcase their programs. Families are encouraged to attend open houses before selecting a Magnet school. The selection criterion is dependent upon seat availability and NYCDOE enrollment priorities. If there are more seats than applicants, applicants will receive an offer.  If there are more applicants than seats available on a grade level, then there will be a lottery, based on NYCDOE enrollment priorities.
  • Please note: submitting a Magnet application does not guarantee an offer will be made. Should an offer be made, families are not obligated to accept placement.
  • Students applying after the application period will be waitlisted and offers may be given should seats open in the future. 

When will I be notified?

  • Notification for applicants requesting placement in grades 1-5 and 7-8 will be made in the spring. Students will receive notification by mail. Notification letters will outline specific instructions for placement acceptance.
  • Notification for late applications will be made in late August or early September.

Who do I contact for information?

  • For more information about Magnet Schools, to receive an application or to arrange a tour, please call the Magnet School Program Office at 718-759-4977 or email info@magnetschools.nyc.