Queens Magnet Schools

Districts 28 & 29

M.S. 72Q -  The Magnet School of Multimedia and Performing Arts

P.S. 182Q - The Magnet School for Discovery and Applied Learning

P.S. 312Q - The Magnet School for Innovative Leadership and Civic Activism

M.S. 332Q - The Magnet School of Leadership and Exploration

P.S. 135Q - The Magnet School of Exploration through the Arts


Districts 19 & 27

I.S. 171K - The Magnet School of Leadership and Innovation

P.S. 202K - The Magnet School of Journalism and Multimedia Studies

I.S. 654K - The Magnet School of Multimedia Arts and Engineering

P.S. 64Q - The Magnet School of Leadership and Social Justice Activism


District 28

P.S. 55Q – Maure Magnet School of Communication Arts, Technology, and Multimedia

P.S. 140Q – Edward K. Ellington Magnet School of Science, Technology, and the Arts

P.S. 349Q - Magnet School of Leadership and Innovation through STEAM

M.S. 358Q - Magnet School of STEAM Exploration and Experiential Learning


Districts 25 & 30

P.S. 92Q - Harry T. Stewart Sr. Magnet School of Engineering, Architecture and Art

I.S. 145Q - Joseph Pulitzer Magnet School of Innovation and Applied Learning

P.S./M.S. 200Q - The Magnet School of Global Studies and Leadership

P.S. 201Q - Discovery School for Inquiry and Research: STEAM Magnet School


Districts 27 & 29

P.S. 52Q - The Magnet School for Innovation, Exploration and Engineering

P.S. 62Q - The Magnet School for Computer Science and Innovation

P.S. 195Q - The Magnet Academy of Multimedia Arts and STEM

P.S. 254Q - The Rosa Parks Magnet School for Leadership Development and the Arts

P.S. 316Q - Queens Explorers Magnet School for Global Conservation and Service Learning