When are the applications available? How are students selected?

Magnet schools follow the NYCDOE enrollment processes for 3K, Pre-Kindergarten, Kindergarten and Middle School Choice. Please follow the links listed below for more information.

Alternative Grades: Students entering grades 1-5 or 7-8 can fill out a Magnet Application available:

The Magnet School Application period (grades 1-5 or 7-8) typically begins in October and continues until February of the academic school year for placement the following September. Throughout the application period, each District Magnet School will have open houses, tours, and events to showcase their programs. Families are encouraged to attend open houses before selecting a magnet school. Applications received after the application period has closed will be waitlisted  by the individual schools. Should a seat become available, applicants will be notified by the magnet school. Note that many schools are closed through the summer and notifications may not go out until late August or early September when schools are fully staffed.

When Will I Be Notified?

Notification will be made in the spring. Students will receive notification by mail, email or phone call.  Notification letters will outline specific instructions for families to accept placement.

Who Do I Contact For Information?

For more information about Magnet School programs, to receive an application or arrange a tour, please contact the individual schools or call the Magnet School Program Office at 718-759-4977 or email